Spring 2021 First Impressions – Ariana #2

Man this season’s First Impression reviews were real rough for me.

If I had to spend a half hour looking at her ugly mug so do you
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Winter 2021 Anime Round-Up Post

Hello everyone! While I wasn’t able to do any First Impression reviews for the winter anime season, I was still able to watch some anime shows to completion. And by “some” I really mean “just two,” but I’ll still make a round-up review post for them because I can.

nothing i say here can be funnier than the image itself
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Spring 2021 First Impressions – Moeronpan #1

The winter season was so packed with shows I wanted to watch that it was difficult to have time to keep up with them all, but I do want to get a What I Watched post out soon. For now, it’s time to find out if Spring will have as many shows grabbing my interest.

Starting with a different kind of sports anime.
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2020 Moeronpan Anime Awards

Sorry for the (much) longer than usual wait on these. 2020 was kinda…different, and so this post will also be a bit different to the norm. For starters, it’s just me, and some categories will be missing. It wasn’t a great year for me, and I didn’t really get the chance to watch as much new content as I’d like. I ended up having to remove two categories – Best and Worst Adaptation, because I didn’t have anything for either. So the usual disclaimers apply now more than ever.

Disclaimer 1: I didn’t watch everything that aired this year, so bear in mind that my individual picks are more drawing from the pool of ‘what 2020 anime I watched this year’ rather than ‘what 2020 anime aired this year’. It’s entirely possible that there are a number of fantastic  (and terrible) shows I never got the chance to see that deserved awards in one or more category.
Disclaimer 2: These are my individual opinions. That tends to happen on an opinion blog.
Disclaimer 3: This feature is purely for fun and if you disagree with any of the views that’s perfectly fine, and you’re even welcome to voice your disagreement for the sake of discussion in the comments…just don’t be a moron about it.
Disclaimer 4: There’s spoilers, it’s kind of hard to avoid it.

So without further ado, let us begin the Moeronpan Anime Awards, 2020 edition!

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