It’s usually Waver racking up the moe points, but this episode, they all go to Gray


The poor doggy :c


Just a heads up that I finally decided to upgrade to a paid wordpress plan for Moeronpan! Despite the site nearing its 10th birthday, I was embarrassingly unaware of how many GODDAMN ADS are visible when not logged into a wordpress account – especially on mobile. Holy moly. To all of our readers who read the blog on mobile and swim through all those ads, you’re the real MVPs, and I don’t know how you could stand it. But now you don’t have to!

Here are some other upcoming changes to the blog (which hopefully arent too far off):
1) A new banner
2) A mascot
3) An update to the theme/blog appearance
4) More regular season wrap-ups from me (and, hopefully, mid-season reports!

Thanks for reading our blog as always.

Well, this is kinda exciting! Fruits Basket┬áis one of those series that anyone who has been an anime fan since at least the early 00s probably needs no introduction to – it’s arguably one of the most popular shojo series of all time. But while the manga was quite lengthy, the original anime was quite short. Not finishing the story wasn’t really the only thing the anime left a lot to be desired in, so after all this time it’s nice to have a brand new adaptation that promises to adapt the entire story. But there’s been an awful lot of anime reboots lately, and their quality is wildly inconsistent. So how does Fruits Basket 2019 look so far? Let’s find out.

Like visiting old friends.


Just a head’s up from Junko – there were meant to be other First Impression reviews done this month that ended up not possible due to other personal commitments – but we can hopefully get them in some form eventually. Sorry for the wait!

As for me, I don’t really have an excuse for why this review is late, so let’s just get on with it.

Mama’s already judging me.


me watching this



Woops, I got sick for a bit and fell behind. Time to catch up.


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