sasami11It’s nice to see that I was right in my prediction that the new characters would be appearing soon.
…So it’s a shame they won’t actually get to be in a proper review, as I’m stepping down from reviewing this series.
It’s nothing to do with the show itself – I still really love it, and have been liking it more with each episode. The characters are fun, its beautiful to look at, Kamiomi cracks me up, Kagami is my robot waifu and the new characters and recent developments are pointing the story into even more interesting directions. Were I able to, I wouldn’t have problems with blogging every episode. I’ve just been struck with a pretty serious case of Real Life, as usual, to the extent that the amount of time I can spend on things I really want to is very slim and means I have to choose what exactly these things are quite wisely. In order to make more time for myself, I have to cut something out, and ‘writing reviews of a series that every single other anime blog is doing a far better job of reviewing and which barely anyone even reads anyway’ is what is being cut here. Because, let’s face it, I very much doubt anyone really cares either way in the first place.
I’ll be back for the First Impressions next month, of course, but hopefully I’ll be able to review the Gumi nendoroid before then too.

Sasami-san@ganbaranai Episodes 6 and 7

Moeronpan’s back! And damn, of all the episodes for me to miss reviewing it just had to be the one with the extended No More! parody. Anyway said parody was beautiful and made me very happy, and its kind of terribly ironic that the sole reason for my inappropriate crush on Kamiomi is my object-head fascination —and then he goes and cosplays the source of said fascination for a full episode. Anyway.

Something that should not be this way comes.

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Sasami-san@Ganbaranai Episode 4 and 5

Ariana here!  Moeronpan has been pretty busy lately, and hasn’t had the time to do reviews.  So here’s a belated batch review of Sasami-san@Ganbaranai from me.  I’ll try to keep in Moeronpan’s review style (meaning really vague episode summaries), but obviously there will still be some SPOILERS.

The hell is up with that suit of armor

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