This is the final episode of Kyousougiga, so obviously there are HUGE SPOILERS!

Oooh, shiny.


Since I managed to get some free time for myself, have an early review! HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD!

*determined face*


Huge spoilers ahead!!!

Oh, boy.


Major spoilers ahead!




The episode in which we learn that Myoue is a dick.



The past few episodes were based on the 2012 ONAs so I didn’t bother putting up a spoiler warning.  While this one IS also based on one of the past ONAs, some pretty big revelations get dropped here so be wary!

Yeah, this isn’t going to be a very happy episode.


Man, this review is waaaaaay overdue.  Anyway, the review for episode five of Non Non Biyori will be out shortly (probably within a day if everything works out), so enjoy this one in the meantime.

Hmm, that bunny looks familiar…


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