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It’s been awhile, but have a figure review!

Also appearing is a Christmas tree. Also my photography skills have not improved much since last time.


Hey blog readers, I’m having fun with Junko in the US right now so this is the last review you’re gonna see from me in a good while – I put up the skeleton of it before I left and have been adding to it whenever I have wifi. For some reason this process affected the quality of some of the photos, and I’ll hopefully be able to replace those at a later date.

Time for another doll review then – this time it’s the newest version of EX Cute Family’s Aoto – who is both Aika’s younger brother and Yuta’s best friend.

These dolls are like Pringles, man. You can’t have just one. Or two. Or…


What a mouthful of a title. It’s time for another doll review! While there was definitely going to be more after Yuta, this Aika doll was actually rather unexpected. She’s from 2013 and is by now hard to find for a reasonable price almost anywhere – but I got lucky and just happened to be browsing the pre-owned section of AmiAmi at the right time and scored an impressive deal on one that was still new-in-box. Even though she’s came out nearly two years ago, I’d still like to review her because she’s adorable.

Her box is also adorable.


We usually don’t do too many trading figure reviews on here, but I figured I might as well do a mini-review of these lovelies I got a few days ago because they’re relatively new and it’s something slightly different for the blog.  Trying to experiment with picture-taking so apologies in advance for crappy-looking photos.

Our three heroines! (From left to right, Cure Twinkle, Cure Flora, and Cure Mermaid)


Something you may not have expected to see here – a doll review!

This won’t be a surprise if you actually know me, but I have a confession to make for the blog readers: I’m a doll person.

Slightly less late than the figure reviews usually are!

I did mean to get this done before the end of last year, but  failing that I can at least get it done before the new anime season First Impressions kick off.

Like nearly all my figure reviews, this one is really late, which is a shame because there are already quite a few reviews of this particular figma incarnation of the digital diva. Things kept coming up, time kept getting short, but dammit I’d already decided to review her so review her I shall.
So here we go, figma’s milestone 200th product, also known as ‘Miku figma 2013’.

Oh Miku, how you’ve grown.


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