Guilty Crown Episode 10

Chibi Devi! 9 still isn’t out yet, so have another rant-filled Guilty Crown review while you wait.  This episode review doesn’t follow the conventional review style, because a series THIS bad doesn’t deserve a well-written review.

RANT-WARNING!  (I’m afraid I’m going to have to start doing this now, oh boy…)

Just so you know, the animation quality in this part is intentionally bad.

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Guilty Crown Episode 8 and 9

Putting this review up right away to make up for almost two weeks of no reviews.  I will try to have reviews more evenly spaced in the next few weeks (if the Chibi Devi subs ever come out on time).  You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t added a “dropped” to this review title.  That is because Guilty Crown amazingly maintained my interest just enough to escape the chopping block… this time.

Great, just what this series needed; a BEACH EPISODE...

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Guilty Crown Episode 7 (aka that episode in which I rant a lot)

Warning: Ranting. Lots and lots of ranting.  Also, this will be my last review until after December 6th, because Finals.

Okay Guilty Crown, I’ve put up with your BS for six episodes, three of which were painfully mediocre. And now you give me THIS shit?! GUILTY CROOOOOOOOOOOOOWN!!!!! D:<

I would make a witty comment about this, but everything about Guilty Crown suddenly drives me into an inexplicable RAGE

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Guilty Crown Episodes 2 and 3

Sorry for the unannounced absence—I was planning on doing a review of Guilty Crown episode 2 last week, but found myself too swamped with midterms and due reports. So here’s a double review!

Note: The main protag’s name is “Shu Ouma,” and his nickname is Sho.  If I use Shu and Sho interchangeably in this review when mentioning him, that’s why.


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