Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi

I’m sorry, but I’m dropping this series as of this episode. I’ve taken on a bit too many series this season and it’s taken up more of my free time than I’ve liked. Since this is a series I’ve begun to absolutely HATE, it’s the first to go.

By the way, THERE ARE SPOILERS. Also, lots of RAGE.

In which Himea is again completely useless and is also shown to be kind of a bitch.


There are SPOILERS.

I am rather amazed how my liking of Himea dropped like a rock these past two episodes...


This review has SPOILERS!

Have I mentioned how pretty this series is?


If you’ve noticed that I’ve been busting out First Impressions somewhat rapid-fire; it’s because I’ll be working part-time soon; so I want to get at least all my First Impressions done before then. Only a few more to go!

This series is really lovely to look at. *v*