Princess Tutu Manga Vol. 1 + 2

Note: Still busy studying for midterms–have this review I’ve been saving in my buffer!

Since Itachi (moeronpan) has finally finished reviewing the Princess Tutu anime, I thought it’d be a good time to review the Princess Tutu manga. Although many fans have decried it as being so bad that it’s been dropped out of the PT canon, I still think it’s worth a review.

Spoilers ahead! (manga and anime)

Wow that's... a lot of peach.

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Princess Tutu Episode 26 (Final)

No you are not seeing things, it’s the episode 26 Princess Tutu review, finally. Even though I actually watched this episode way back in July/August and had the draft sitting on my dashboard for a ridiculously long time. Anyway, it’s my last PT-related post. (But Ariana’s going to review the manga apparently, so it won’t be the last on this blog)

the epitome of manliness.

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Princess Tutu Episode 24

Look who's finally back!

Yeah, Princess Tutu is! I’m pretty much done with new season previews; however I wont be able to blog anything this season because I’m going back to my university dorm for final semester, where internet downloads are strictly limited. (Hetalia’s okay, since it’s only 5 minutes. Speaking of which, where the hell is this week’s raw?) I’m actually thinking of buying the first season box set of Shakugan no Shana and reviewing that, just for this blog’s mascot. In any case, I will have the Black Rock Shooter DVD early next month so I’ll be able to do that, and Ariana will still be blogging Shiki. I’ll also do oddly timed figure reviews.
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