Dropped- OreImo (at Episode 5)

Well, I gave it one more episode but this show just simply isn’t doing it for me anymore. It’s not even the turn-around to siscon pandering that caused me to make up my mind, it’s something that in my mind is even more annoying.


And she had such a cute design too :c


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A First Impression: Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii wake ga nai! /My Little Sister Can’t be this Cute episodes 1 and 2

All subsequent reviews will refer to the show as OreImo, cos yep, I be blogging it.   As for why this is two episodes; firstly, because two are out now, secondly, because I’m an idiot and somehow watched the second one before the first one (it was labelled as 1 for some reason, alright. But it was surprisingly coherent so I didn’t even realize until later, go me).
This won’t be the last of the batch reviews; I’m a bit strapped for time but I’ll put up a batch review for eps 2 and 3 of Squid Girl when I get more work done.


-loves her design-


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